« The Formula 1 chapter is over » … unless « Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari call me »

Alexis Patri

At the microphone of Isabelle Morizet in the program « There is not only one life in life » on Sunday, the racing driver Romain Grosjean, who stopped the Formula 1 race following his accident on November 29, 2020, suggests that under certain conditions he could resume racing.


Formula 1 is over. After his impressive accident on November 29, 2020, Romain Grosjean was adamant: he will no longer compete in F1. The one who has since resumed automobile competitions in the United States on the indycar circuits nevertheless suggests Sunday on Europe 1, in the show of Isabelle Morizet There is not just one life in life, that he could resume Formula 1, under certain conditions. In Indycar, he joined the Andretti team. Which aims to get into F1, without him.

« They asked me if that interested me. And I kindly declined the offer. I want to win the Indycar championship, » says Romain Grosjean. « It’s a championship where I find myself so happy, so much to have fun on the races, in the atmosphere, with my family who will come to live in Florida, that the Formula 1 chapter is over. »

« At 35, I want to win championships »

Still, the racing driver seems to be leaving a door open. « If it’s Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari calling me to be in a top team and win the races, that would be different, » he said. A message to the three main F1 teams that many fans hope will find an echo.

« But if Andretti buys the Alfa Romeo team, it will remain a team that is not on the front of the stage. It will take time to rebuild something, » he continues. « At 35, I want to win races and championships. That won’t be the case in Formula 1. » Shortly after this declaration by Romain Grosjean in the studios of Europe 1, we learned that Andretti was renouncing this purchase, for lack of agreement on the amount of the transaction.

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