The Formidable 16/30 year olds: here are the five selected in the “Solidarity Initiatives” category

As part of the Formidables 16/30 ans, discover five committed young people, in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, in the “Solidarity Initiatives” category. And elect the most formidable(s)!

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For the second year, Crédit Agricole Mutuel Nord de France and The voice of the North have decided to reward young people who get involved in the associative world of the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, in five categories: education, citizenship and social commitment; sport and health; solidarity initiatives; environment ; contractors. Here are the five selected in the “Solidarity Initiatives” category.

Joséphine and her integration canteen


Josephine Sybille is 28 years old. Affected by an orphan disease detected at birth, she followed an inclusive education, but adapted in Clis and Segpa. She has been working since 2015 at the Cantine de Joséphine, a restaurant for integration in Valenciennes, opened by her parents, anxious to help their child, and more broadly young people with disabilities, to take off professionally. Smiling, full of life, determined, Joséphine obtained a professional waitress diploma after two years of training. She is about to leave inclusive housing for a house all her own. Nathalie Waroux

Enzo Leleu, an example of commitment

Enzo Leleu

Enzo is Arrageois. He is 21 years old and since he was 13, he has been passionate about politics. Already honored as a « prodigy of the Republic » at the age of 20, on a national initiative proposed by Marlène Schiappa when she was Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship at the Ministry of the Interior, Enzo Leleu was successively delegated class, and member of the municipal youth council in Arras. Before being the initiator of the collective movement Interre-communeaut’Air which brings together young citizens aged 15 to 25 from three communities of communes in Arrageois. During the Covid crisis, he made masks. As soon as the Russian invasion in Ukraine, in March, he launched a humanitarian operation which led him, with his father, in a van full of donations to the Ukrainian border, in Poland. He will return with a Ukrainian mother and her two children who have found refuge in Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines. A student of political science in Lille, he is also enrolled at the Free University of Brussels. He cherishes the dream of becoming a diplomat. Through his many encounters and his travels, he hopes to interest other young people in politics, in the noble sense of the term, and in social commitment. N / A

Justine Duchesne, courageous mother at 19

Fourmies on September 15, 2022. Justine Duchesne, candidate for the Les jeunes formidables competition.
Fourmies on September 15, 2022. Justine Duchesne, candidate for the Les jeunes formidables competition. – PHOTO SAMI BELLOUMI

Nineteen years old, two small children. Justine Duchesne has known for a long time that life will not be a long calm river. Nevertheless, with her frail look of a fledgling fallen from the nest, she continues to move mountains. And to put on the clothes of a courageous mother rather than a stay-at-home mother. “The adventure” started when she was 6 years old. She joins the tap dance troupe of Fourmies, Les Pascrécelles, which also manages the Secours populaire in an area that suffers socially – one hundred families benefit from food aid every day. Where she has been a volunteer since the age of 14. She learned how to unload the trucks of solidarity foodstuffs, to sort and prepare the parcels. Distribute them too. So she spends her days “being useful”: “ Comforting people is important. It’s having a heart as they say. To this are added collections in supermarkets, tap lessons for children and shows. At the service of others. Lionel Marshal

Mohamed and Ihsane Bourdim help poor families, the homeless and migrants


The two brothers have, without hesitation, followed in the footsteps of their parents, Christel and Mohamed, who launched, in 2021, the Essential Links association. The Seclinois mobilize other volunteers to prepare a hot meal, served with several associations, once a month in the Jean-Baptiste-Lebas park, in Lille. They also distribute on those evenings clothes, shoes, blankets, which they have collected. One Sunday a month, the two brothers visit the migrants of Grande-Synthe.

Recently, they participated in a marauding, in the city center of Lille. Mohamed, 20, has just obtained a degree in computer science and has already found a job. Ishame, 17, is starting to study medicine.  » I find it so heartbreaking to see men, women and children living with nothing, sometimes in freezing cold. Some arrive barefoot Mohammad comments. While Ishame says to himself  » revolted to see that people live in precariousness and that nothing changes, there is no evolution « . Both, despite work and studies, intend to continue to be active in the association. Isabelle Ellender

Louise Lestavel, how empathy leads to sport and vice versa

May 21, 2022 in Arras.  Inauguration of the cricket ground at the Grimaldi complex.  Louise Lestavel.
May 21, 2022 in Arras. Inauguration of the cricket ground at the Grimaldi complex. Louise Lestavel. – PHOTO MATTHEW BOTTE

Louise Lestavel, 28, created the cricket section of ASPTT Arras to allow young Afghans to be able to practice their favorite sport elsewhere than in the street. It was four years ago, when she was doing a master’s degree in Language and Management at the reception center for asylum seekers (CADA), in Arras. Since then, the team has competed with the clubs of Saint-Omer, Valenciennes and Lille.

For her part, Louise discovered a sport that is little practiced in France. She became one of the members of the women’s national team and plays in one of the best French clubs, in Lisses, in the Paris region.  » This section quickly became a pretext for better integration and I made friends there “, underlines the one who became an English teacher in high school. Some players have also made great progress in French, and have learned how a sports association is managed in France… There are about fifteen of them practicing this sport in Arras, and Louise Lestavel is not despairing of creating a women’s section. She was the winner of the Hauts-de-France Sports Volunteer Trophy in 2020. N / A

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