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If you want to see the Ford F-150 Lightning in action, you’ll have the chance next weekend when the highly anticipated electric version of the F-150 will serve as the lead vehicle at NASCAR’s Martinsville event. .

This is a Ford press release that tells us. Since the races in the series are broadcast across the country, this is an interesting showcase for the new darling of the family.

And if seeing an electric model as the lead vehicle in a race where gasoline is used in industrial quantities may seem far-fetched, know that the American series continues to study the possibility of launching another series, this time composed of all-electric models.

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Jeannee Kirkaldy, Ford Performance Motorsports Marketing Manager, had this to say about the Ford F-150 Lightning’s appearance at a NASCAR race: « Ford is fully committed to electrification and hospitality. reserved for the Lightning was so enthusiastic that it was easy to decide to bring him to a NASCAR event. We know our fans love pickup trucks and we’re sure that feeling will only grow when they see the Lightning on the track, leading the field to the green flag. »

In the past, Ford has used electric vehicles at NASCAR races. This was the case in 2012 when the electric Focus was used, then more recently the Mustang Mach-E SUV had this honor.

The irony is that one day, when the racing series will be predominantly electric, we may bring back a classic, gasoline-powered model to lead the vehicles to the green flag.

In the meantime, rest assured that many will take a look at the F-150 Lightning next weekend. Its arrival is expected later this year and the order book is full. Ford even decided to double production along the way, to be able to meet demand.

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