The football match of the 3rd round of the Coupe de France will be played on Sunday in Poullaouen – Scrignac

A year ago, the Entente sportif Scrignac – Poullaouen (ESSP), an R3 club with 130 licensees and around twenty volunteers, was created. With this new entity, the co-presidents Éric Le Bourhis and Stéphane Roux climbed, Sunday, September 11, to the 3rd round of the Coupe de France by receiving, in Poullaouen, the Lanvéoc team, a D1 club. Last season, they were eliminated in the second round by Étoile Saint-Laurent. “In 2001, 2018 and 2020, we also reached the 4th round with AS Scrignac” indicates the Scrignacien, Éric Le Bourhis.

“If we qualify, it will allow people to talk about us”

For Stéphane Roux, the Coupe de France is a great moment: “Every football player wants to go as far as possible. Whoever qualifies for the 4th round on Sunday will have the famous Coupe de France jerseys, shorts and socks. For Éric, it is also a good light for the ESSP: « If we qualify, that will allow people to talk about us ». The two co-presidents admit that after the 4th round, it will be a bonus: “If there is qualification, we could receive a National club but for that we will have to give everything, Sunday, against Lanvéoc”.

« The jerseys are almost like receiving the cup »

The agreement aligns this year three teams in the championship. « This season, the average age will be between 22 and 23, » says Éric. Gaëtan Le Goff will be a big brother. It is a new bet on the future. In 4 years, there will be a good succession with a lot of potential at the football school”. For the co-presidents, having the shirts will bring a good dynamic to the club: “The shirts are almost like receiving the cup”.


Match at 3 p.m. in Poullaouen. Admission: €4.

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