The Football Club Crolles-Bernin will launch a senior women’s team

women’s football « has always been part of the club’s DNA », explains Philippe Gorski, head of the women’s section at Football Club Crolles-Bernin (FCCB). From next season, which starts in September, there will be a senior women’s team. A « logical continuation of the work » started three years ago at the club with the creation of two teams of young girls, says Philippe Gorski.

« We have always had women. In the 1970s, there was a big team, from which our president Valérie Baga also came. They went up in the league. And then after the same in the 2000s. We started with seven, eight girls. And in two years we have risen to the league. It’s true that in the Grésivaudan valley it takes right away »remembers Philippe Gorski. « But we went into the wall because at one point we were going to fish in Grenoble to get players. There was no one behind, no training »he said again. « But there, as soon as we find out that there is a senior team in Crolles, it will come back, that’s for sure »reassures Phillipe Gorski.

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The logical continuation of the football school

The return of women’s football to Crolles has started three years ago. « We started with less than a dozen girls. We did events in schools, we organized girlfriends’ day. These are events that are promising and attract », explains Philippe Gorski. These young people are now old between 12 and 15 years old. « It must also be clear for them because if we train them so that they then go elsewhere, it’s much less interesting »he says. « This senior team takes us to another dimension »he continues.

« There, we should already have 14 girls. We have others calling us. There will be a team on the pitch next season, that’s for sure. And we would also like to create an under-18 team next season. next season », concludes Philippe Gorski. The resumption of training for seniors will take place in mid-August. For the youngest, it will be at the beginning of September.

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