The flagship events of culture and sport of the year 2021 in the Pays de Morlaix – Pays de Morlaix: the year 2021 in the retro

  • 1 The deployment of Sew and its talents in Morlaix
  • After having been worn for years, having cost 8 million euros, and having seen its first concerts in the summer of 2020, the Sew, a multicultural center installed in part of the old tobacco factory in Morlaix, was forcefully deployed on July 6, 2021 with the opening of the three Salamandre cinemas, as well as its reception hall and bar … Fifteen days later, the Compagnie Morlaisienne Catalyze, supported by the National Center for the adapted creation, in residence in the premises of the Sew, which creates the event by playing for the 3rd time at the festival of Avignon. Finally, in September, the party is total with the holding of the Panoramas festival, worn by Wart, for the first time and in a reduced format at the Sew.

    Wart's team is smiling.  This Pano # 24 has kept all of its promises.  At Sew, Friday and Saturday, as at Nec'hoat castle, Sunday.  What to give ideas for the 25 years of the festival, the year pr
    The Wart team is smiling the day after the Pano # 24 festival. What to give ideas for the 25 years of the festival in 2022. (Archives Le Télégramme)
  • 2 The launch of La Virgule, a new cultural center in Morlaix
  • On June 1, 2021, after months of work and two million euros disbursed, La Virgule, launched under the mandate of Agnès Le Brun, opened its doors at 9, rue de Paris. This third place, which aims to be centered around artistic events and activities, spans 650 m² and three levels and has eleven different spaces, between an interactive digital museum and an exhibition hall, not to mention a cafe and an agora. The rebirth of the place, formerly known as the Eurodif store, is linked, as a reminder, to the legacy of one million made by Angèle Marriage to the City of Morlaix three years ago and completed by aid from the State Heart of city ​​and Microfolies.

    open house at La Virgule
    Open days had been planned in advance of the opening of La Virgule, on June 1, 2021. (Archive Le Télégramme)
  • 3 The adventure of Carantécois Jérémie Beyou in the Vendée Globe
  • Saturday February 6, 2021, at 9:15 minutes and 58 seconds (French time), the Carantécois Jérémie Beyou crossed the finish line of Sables d’Olonne after 89 days, 18 hours, 55 minutes and 58 seconds of racing around the solo world nonstop and unassisted. If the Breton sailor set off « for the win » on November 8, 2020, the skipper of « Charal » experienced a completely different Vendée Globe when he decided on November 11 to turn around after several damage. After the work done by his technical team, he set sail again on November 17, this time before finishing his Vendée Globe. And a conviction: « I’ll go back until I win! » « 

  • 4 The rebirth of the race between Saint-Pol-de-Léon and Morlaix
  • On November 7, 2021, the sporting event was created with the launch of the 49th edition of Saint-Pol-Morlaix. The historic race between the two towns no longer takes the form of a half-marathon but of a “22 km”, in fact allowing the route to become symbolic and to connect the cathedral of Saint-Pol to the viaduct of Morlaix. The event is also in the hearts since the 48th edition could not take place because of the health crisis. On the roads, the organizer François Le Dissès welcomes the participation of 1,400 runners on the 22 km and 3,000 people on the Taulé-Morlaix, not to mention the commitment of 550 volunteers.

    Arrival and winner of Saint Pol Morlaix 22km
    At the arrival of Saint-Pol-Morlaix, the Moroccan Khalid Lablaq. He set a big time over the 22 km, 1 h 05’43  », almost four minutes ahead of the Ethiopian Getinet Gedamu. (Archives The Telegram)

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