The five other infamous records that Peter Bosz’s OL can get

Opta can thank Olympique Lyonnais for guaranteeing him an overflowing activity before the truce of the World Cup in Qatar. Almost a year ago, the sports statistics company had a field day after OGC Nice-OL: never had a Ligue 1 team lost a match (3-2) after leading by two goals in the 80th minute since Brest in 1985, and Lyon had never conceded 16 goals after 11 league games since 1995. Definitely well suited to the almost chronic poor performance that has accompanied the Lyon club for ten years, Peter Bosz do it again with flying colors this fall. Just Sunday evening in Lens (1-0), his OL did very well in three stats:

  • No shot on target in ninety minutes, a first for Lyon in Ligue 1 since September 2019 (0-1 against PSG).
  • OL are 9 points behind on the podium after only 9 days for the first time since 1995.
  • It is above all the fourth defeat in a row for the Lyonnais, a first since… the Raymond Domenech era, in March 1991.

When we know that a good number of OL supporters were not born during the previous record for such a meaningful statistic, that inevitably encourages us to 20 minutes, to project ourselves on other performances to bring down for Peter Bosz, before a possible contract extension at the end of the season. Because let’s not forget, « you have to be patient with Peter », as Jean-Michel Aulas reminded us in The TeamSunday evening after the setback at Bollaert.

A turning point to be better negotiated at the Vélodrome

The unfortunate anomaly against the Olympian rival (2nd) is still there. Since the arrival of the Dutch coach in June 2021, OL have lost 7 of their 8 games with the top 5 clubs in Ligue 1. As if it were a last bastion of hegemony (11 wins, 10 draws and 2 defeats since 2010), the partners of Anthony Lopes, on the other hand, still carried around the Vélodrome last May (0-3). On November 6, it would be a question of no longer going through to validate the full card against the big guys, Peter.

A fourth season without C1 to ensure

Already 9 points behind FC Lorient of Régis Le Bris (3rd), Lyon has almost done the hardest part in this first quarter of the championship. At this rate, qualification for the Champions League, presented as compulsory throughout the summer, will not even be a subject of discussion when the championship temporarily stops in six weeks. To find traces of such a shortage of four consecutive seasons without C1, you obviously have to go back to the previous millennium, culminating in an elimination with panache in the preliminary round in Maribor (Slovenia) in August 1999. , a second consecutive season out of the top 5 would be a first for Jean-Michel Aulas since May 1998, before our first world champion star.

In the nails for a grand slam away

Apart from the limit during the last half hour in Monaco (2-1), the nothingness offered away by OL (1 draw and 3 defeats) encourages us not to really see where Peter Bosz’s band is going. to be able to finally win this season. No need to delve into the archives to know that even in the time of Vladimir Kovacevic, such a grand slam of losing never happened far from Lyon (or Décines). Dream Bigger.

A defeat against ASSE in the Cup as a bonus

Eliminated last year from the Coupe de France without having lost, due to the chaotic 32nd final against the PFC in Charléty (stopped at 1-1), OL could hope to save by this means a badly embarked season in the League 1. But given how much trouble is piling up in Lyon, couldn’t we imagine the first elimination in Cup history against neighboring Saint-Etienne? The last trace of a Saint-Etienne victory (2-0 thanks to Patrick Réveilli and Salif Keita) in the Coupe de France dates back to April 1971, but it was followed by a qualification for OL, winner (3-0) on return to Gerland. More than 40 years later, it would still be crazy to see a moribund ASSE in Ligue 2 (18th) win such an unexpected derby, wouldn’t it?

A dreamy twelfth place

By outclassing Rudi Garcia’s 7th place « Covid-19 » in 2020, and this from his first season on the Lyon bench (8th), Peter Bosz certainly hit hard in 2021-2022. But given the (non) dynamic of his group, he has the profile to lead him beyond 11th place, the last worst ranking obtained by OL in the top flight in 1996, with Guy Stéphan at the helm. Provided that Jean-Michel Aulas does not renew his blind confidence in him, including during the World Cup break in Qatar, even if John Textor officially takes control of the club by then. As for Raymond Domenech’s 15th-16th double from 1991 to 1993, it looks like an out of reach performance, although…

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