The first images of Victor Wembanyama with the Spurs shirt


These images were among the most anticipated, a bit like when a footballer treads his new lawn for the first time and slams two three juggles in front of his audience. Victor Wembanyama tested the baskets of the AT&T Center in front of a few privileged people, nothing to declare except new images that will mark!

Victor Wembanyama jogging, Victor Wembanyama eating pasta, Victor Wembanyama in the photo… Aren’t you tired of it? Oh no and, spoiler, it might last a little longer. French basketball is currently going through a pivotal moment in its history so we’re making sure you don’t miss a thing. Logical no?

In the busy schedule of the French Alien? A few shots, for form, last night at the AT&T Center, the new theater for Victor’s future exploits. The phones don’t miss anything, my eyes are wide and in the middle of it all, this big kid seems to be enjoying 200% of the craziness he’s going through right now. A few shots, a few quiet dunks to avoid the stupid injury and we head back to the locker room, it’s still communication and Wemby still has his work cut out for him.

An Eiffel Tower in Lego for its induction press conference, the indoor shoots, the Mariachis or even a dinner with some local legends? We know one who is currently living the high life in Texas, and this is only the beginning!


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