The first all-electric Lamborghini will be launched at the end of the decade


Edition of January 28, 2022

Electric Lamborghinis are not for tomorrow… But the luxury brand is starting to step into the deep end of electrification. The Italian brand, owned by the Volkswagen Group, has given more details on its timetable, announcing the launch of its first all-electric model at the end of this decade, according to Stephan Winkelmann, its managing director.

Last year, Stephan Winkelmann said he was counting on a first fully electric car model in the second half of the decade. Lamborghini and other players in the premium sports car market, including Ferrari, Aston Martin Lagonda and McLaren, are scrambling to find a way to upgrade their ranges to battery power without losing the high performance that justifies the steep price tag. of their vehicles.


sports coupe

Lamborghini’s first all-electric model will be a four-seat sports utility coupe (SUV), with a nod to the tradition of « Gran Turismo » (GT) models, the spokeswoman said, confirming comments made by the leader to the Italian press agency Ansa.

Stephan Winkelmann reiterated that Lamborghini will hybridize its entire lineup, including the Huracan, Aventador and Urus SUV models, within two or three years. In May 2021, the bull brand planned to invest $1.5 billion to produce a hybrid range. Lamborghini remains behind rival Ferrari, which has already launched three hybrid models and promises to have a fully electric car by 2025.

Reporting Giulio Piovaccari; French version Dina Kartit, edited by Blandine Hénault


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