The fight for Rihanna who sent Tony Parker to the hospital!

It’s a crazy anecdote that is rarely talked about in the NBA microcosm, but Tony Parker has already been sent to the hospital after a big fight over…Rihanna. So no, he wasn’t directly involved, he was just the biggest collateral victim in history.

If Tony Parker the owner of ASVEL is in turmoil at the start of the season, with mediocre results and fans increasingly upset against the institution, Tony Parker the former NBA player retains all his credibility in the eyes of the audience. It must be said that his record speaks for him, both collectively and individually, whether at Spurs or with the France team.

The legendary Spurs point guard is a four-time champion, Finals MVP, multiple All-Star and All-NBA, he has also won several fine medals with his national team… But, and this is something that people have enough quickly forgotten, he could have lost his career prematurely in 2012, before completing his record. He got caught up in a lunar gossip case. A little historical reminder.

When Tony Parker almost lost an eye for… Rihanna!

A few weeks before the London Olympics, when his Spurs had just been eliminated by the Thunder in the conference final, Tony Parker decided to relax by partying in New York. Fresh out of an All-Star season, he obviously went to one of the most prestigious clubs in the city, the opportunity for him to meet Drake and Chris Brown in the VIP area, which could have to be the omen of a great evening. The concern is that he was the collateral victim of a huge fight between the two, and the state of the WiP says a lot about the violence of the facts.

At that time, the two rappers / singers were cold because of Rihanna, an ex commune… Chris Brown tried to calm things down by paying his enemy a bottle of 2,000 dollars, but when he wanted to leave the box , he was blocked by the entourage of Canadian. The tone rose quickly, a general fight broke out and the bottles started flying. TP, who just wanted to have fun, took a piece of debris in the eye and could have lost his sight that day, at 29 years old.

Luckily for him, the damage was minimal, and he was able to fly to the Olympic Village with only the requirement to wear goggles. If the French team came out in the quarter-finals against Spain, the leader was at the level, and the simple fact of seeing him on the ground was a victory. Once 100% recovered from his time in the hospital, he went on to two All-Star seasons, which is to say the talent of the player.

Tony Parker tried to do justice to himself after this altercation, since he filed a complaint against the nightclub for its security staff deemed too small given the scale of the damage. Unfortunately for him, his claim for compensation of 20 million was unsuccessful..

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