The FIA ​​reaffirms its support for women in motorsport

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile has issued a press release, reaffirming its support for women in motorsport, in response to comments made by Stefano Domenicali a few days ago.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem reacted to comments maden bit earlier this week by Stefano Domenicali. F1 boss had indicated that the queen discipline of motorsport would probably see no women in the category in the years to come.

More abruptly, Stefano Domenicali even declared: I don’t see – unless there is something resembling some sort of meteorite coming to Earth – a girl entering Formula 1 in the next five years.“.

It’s very unlikely, I have to be realistic. But we want to build the right pyramid with the right approach, step by step, so that they start racing guys at the right age, with the right car. That’s really what we’re working on.”

The reactions were quick to burst out, particularly on social networks and the FIA ​​wanted to respond this Saturday morning. Mohammed Ben Sulayem confirmed that the FIA ​​is committed to providing opportunities for female riders through various programs.

Since its creation, the FIA ​​has always supported and encouraged women in motor sport. Motorsport is unique because, according to FIA regulations, women and men can compete on an equal footing.

We will continue to actively encourage the participation of women, whether through our FIA Girls On Track Rising Stars programme, the presence of women in our race management, operations and technical teams and in other departments of the organization or in partnership with our ASNs with women whether they are volunteers or officials.”

The FIA ​​and FOM are committed to providing more opportunities for women in sport. Stefano Domenicali and I work together to improve access and the pyramid for women’s entry and progression. Throughout history, women have made their mark in motorsport, on and off the track, and we hope, under my leadership, that the trend will continue in the years to come..”

No woman has taken the start of a Formula 1 race since Italian Lella Lombardi took part in the Austrian Grand Prix in 1976. The W series was created in 2018, a motor racing championship exclusively reserved for women , to respond to the lack of female drivers in the highest categories of motorsport.

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