the FIA ​​formalizes 3 sprint races and a new scale

The FIA ​​issued a press releasein which it is mentioned the reforms taken around sprint races, as well as on shortened races. It was imperative for the authorities of the Formula 1to clarify the situation around the sprint race calendar in agreement with the teams. There is also the question of Belgian Grand Prix, in which case a meteorological incident prevented the smooth running of the race. On the other hand, to get the action plan » and the answers of the survey surrounding the Abu Dhabi Grand Prixwe will have to wait for the next few days.

Sprint race

We count a formalization of 3 sprint races on the occasion of Emilia-Roman Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix and Brazilian Grand Prix. However, it’s not just the sprint race calendar that has changed, but also the rule! To start with pole position delegation which caused a lot of talk the previous season -The principle being to participate in a qualifying session on Friday afternoon, then in a sprint race on Saturday afternoon for all the drivers. However, the one who is destined to become the poleman of the weekend is none other than the winner of the sprint race on Saturday.- This decision has been reviewed by the management. It is now the one who will achieve the fastest lap on Friday afternoon, who will benefit from the status of poleman of the weekendwith the presentation of the Pirelli trophy.

The point distribution system has also been revised. More drivers will be praised for performing in a sprint race. We are talking about 8 pilots rewarded against 3 in 2021. The distribution of points will therefore be as follows:

  1. 8 dots
  2. 7 dots
  3. 6 points
  4. 5 points
  5. 4 points
  6. 3 points
  7. 2 points
  8. 1 points

The additional point rule for the best time in the race is maintained.

Treatment of shortened runs

The Belgian Grand Prix was prematurely cut short due to bad weather, preventing the drivers from being able to take to the track. Finally, Max Verstappen was awarded the winner of the GP after driving 4 laps behind the Safety car. This scenario will no longer be able to happen again.

According to the new sports regulations, it will be imperative that the race leader has completed at least two laps without the intervention of the safety car or the virtual safety car, to consider scoring points. Here are the 3 scenarios that will allow pilots to score:

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