The FF Academy of Santa Cruz officially opened

FF Academy Santa Cruz

A delegation from the FFF officially inaugurated the fourth FF Academy, located in Santa Cruz, California (United States).

The Santa Cruz academy – carried by the Breakers FC club – can accommodate up to 120 young people at the facilities of Cabrillo College, one hour south of San Francisco. It is managed by Nisa Saveljic, former player of the Girondins de Bordeaux and responsible for this FF Academy. The Breakers FC club is a semi-professional club particularly invested and specialized in the training of young people destined to evolve into elite. Founded in 1992, it has acquired, in this field, an important reputation within the various American soccer championships.

Jean-Claude Lafargue, former director of the INF and currently trainer in charge of international training, was able to discuss with the academy’s coaches and the children present. Children who were also able to take advantage of the arrival of the Jules-Rimet trophy (photo) and dream of lifting it one day.

With three out of four academies on the North American continent, the FFF continues to export its know-how to promising territories that will shape the future of football, especially with a view to the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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