The Ferrari he plans to buy burns while he tries it, a sale that goes up in smoke

Ready to do anything to afford this Ferrari F355, this wealthy businessman did not hesitate to cross the Atlantic for it. A long journey leading him from the city of Angels to that of the Phocaeans.

But before giving it up, the owner still offers him to take it for a ride with the aim of getting to know this racing car. To justify this walk, they used the pretext of a visit to the mechanic responsible for this F355 for years.

Thus, the buyer would be reassured about the condition of the car and its performance. Unfortunately, the beautiful silver gray Italian never arrived at her destination.

On the highway, the future buyer begins to smell gas. Added to this is a motorist who signals to them to stop as soon as possible. What they are doing right. Immense flames begin to escape from the rear of the vehicle.


Stopped on the edge of the highway, the poor Ferrari F355 could not be saved in time. The flames ravaged a major part of its bodywork and the problem encountered has yet to be determined. In any case, the seller has reason to be disappointed and conversely, the buyer has narrowly avoided the worst purchase of the century.

Clement Fauriel

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