the feat of Panazol who qualifies for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France

For the first time in its history, AS Panazol will become one of the small thumbs of the French Football Cup. By eliminating Angoulême 4 to 3 on penalties on Sunday November 28, 2021, the team achieves a feat while it evolves 3 divisions below its opponent.

On this frosty Sunday of November 28, 2021, AS Panazol enthusiasts, residents of Regional 2 are tense: they are playing the match of their life against Angoulême, a N2 team which plays in 3 divisions above the Haut-Viennois.

From the start of the game, Angoulême dominated but it was Panazol who opened the scoring in the quarter of an hour of play with a goal from captain Ouanjine Ouail at close range. Present in the duels, the Pan-Azolese players do better than resist and they are very close to doubling the bet just before the break.

The second half looks like an attack-defense. The residents of Nationale 2 push and in the 75th minute what should happen happens and the Charentais score with a header from Diakité.

No more goals will be scored and it is a penalty shootout which will seal the fate of the two teams. We then move towards the penalty shootout. Artur Toroyan, the guardian of Panazol then puts on his hero cape and pulls out all the stops by stopping two shots. It was with a shot on goal that Panazol made history, victory 4 to 3 and the supporters rejoiced.

The day after this feat, the president of the Panazol club, Dominique mounier was invited to the France 3 Limousin set. « We really realize this morning. The calls follow one another. These congratulations are heartwarming for the club and all the volunteers who worked all weekend. « , he confides.

According to him, the priority of the club remains the accession to the R1, « On this, the coach did a remarkable job over the week and the players respected him to the millimeter. It is also thanks to this that we managed to bring out a team of N2 which plays the rise in National and which is a very good team.« .

In the next round, Panazol will be a small thumb alongside two other R2 teams (Nîmes Chemon Bas d’Avignon and Montauban): for the 32nd final, on December 18, she dreams of meeting a Ligue 1 team like Paris Saint Germain by Lionel Messi. We will know the opponent of the Haut-Viennois Monday November 29 from 7 p.m. on Eurosport 2.

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