The feat of CA Bessèges in the French Cup

It was in stifling heat, on a decent lawn and somewhat surprisingly, in front of a large crowd that the proteges of President Jacques Molle, CA Bessèges, once again achieved an authentic feat against Uchaud. The many spectators who would certainly have been even more so with a more suitable schedule, were looking for the slightest bit of shade. First of all, it is necessary to underline the courage of the two formations which (with the help of two drink breaks) offered a beautiful spectacle of football with in addition the suspense which goes well with the tradition in the Coupe de France.

Two divisions apart, a priori the task was tough for the men of Thibaud Evesque, especially since, at the last moment « The death in the soul ». Demontant had to forfeit for injury. The first half was very slightly dominated by Uchaud, but the Bessègeois showed themselves capable of carrying the danger in the opposing camp, for example with Rieutord (8th and 12th) For his part, Mouzaoui kept good guard as before Barroudi (10th). Finally the best possibility was for Martinez who erased his opponent cleanly but his powerful shot went over (35th).

Finally, everything was decided in the second period. And it was in a great atmosphere, when the game was equalized, that the locals opened the scoring. Following a perfect cross from Rieutord, Lacroix’s volley left no chance for Drujon, visitor goalkeeper (6O) .

The reaction, unfortunately, was not long in coming and a few minutes later, Ouatmani passed to Slimane (best striker for Uchaud), who placed the ball perfectly for the equalizer (68th). Everything had to be redone and we had to wait for the penalty shootout to know the winner of this second round. In an atmosphere of madness, the public put pressure on Uchaud’s shooters and the locals remained unmoved to win 3 shots to 2.

Congratulations to the Bessègeois, who, once again, have proven that they know how to play good football. A great way to prepare for the championship which remains the No. 1 objective.

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