The favorite franchise to pick up Fournier if he leaves Boston

Arrived during the season with the Celtics, Evan Fournier will not have known the hoped-for end for his first campaign in Boston. Will he be lucky enough to have a second one? Not sure, he who will soon be a free agent. In case of departure, a team could try to recover it.

Following a few years filled with failures on the side of the Magic, Evan Fournier changed scenery during the last deadline, when he discovered the Celtics. Unfortunately for him, the covid got involved in all of this and greatly complicated the Frenchman’s acclimatization in his new environment. Despite this, he managed to shoot 46.3% behind the arc in 16 games.

Promising? Certainly, especially when you know that Evan had to deal with the virus, but also a whole new team, and new teammates. But will he stay in the region? Not sure, since the back is a free agent this summer, and free to go wherever he wants.

According to an executive, Fournier could seek significant emoluments on his next contract:

He’s going to fetch around 15/20 million a year. I’m not sure if he’ll get this. The Celtics need to keep an eye on him as they can’t replace him. They have never wanted to pay the tax in the past, and it will be interesting to see if they want to do so now. It will be hard to let Fournier go, because there will be no alternative behind.

It seems unlikely to let Fournier go, especially as the Celtics used strengths to bring him back. But in the event of departure, and according to another executive, a franchise in the West could be interested in his case:

Which teams will be interested in him? San Antonio could, but if it doesn’t, who is going to give it more than $ 10 million?

Stay in Boston for stability? Or rather look for the biggest possible contract? Fournier will have a choice to make, and it is clear that he is far from certain today. For now, Evan is focusing on France:

It’s a difficult question to answer with all these emotions following the playoffs. Then in three weeks, there is the training camp with the national team. I have a lot of stuff on my mind, honestly. Now is not the right time to talk about free agency.

Evan Fournier enjoyed his time with the Celtics, but enough to stay? This is another question. For now, the rear gives priority to France, and will make its choice in due course.

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