The fate of Andre Drummond at the Lakers almost sealed?

Rumors have been growing on the Lakers’ side in recent days, and many concern Andre Drummond, who does not yet know where he will play next year. Thanks to an executive, we have a new lead.

Obviously disappointed with this elimination in the first round of the playoffs, the Lakers will have to make important decisions in the coming months. With the free agency approaching, the goal will remain to build a competitive roster for the future. But with many free agents, Rob Pelinka will have to make choices, whether with Alex Caruso, Dennis Schroder or Andre Drummond.

The front office has already mentioned a priority for the summer, and that’s hardly surprising when you see the postseason fiasco. The other post that is the subject of debate? The pivot, where Drummond experienced a nightmare in several months in the City of Angels.

Let’s be clear, his signature looks like a casting error. He has never impressed in attack or defense. His deal with Anthony Davis doesn’t exist, and he hasn’t played a single minute in the most important game of the season. An executive justified himself to Jovan Buha of The Athletic recently, and he sees a departure from the former Pistons.

Drummond is an archetypal player, who doesn’t adapt well to the postseason as a starter. The Lakers have him heated throughout the season, all to be on the bench in the most important game of the season. His future is linked to that of Gasol and Harrell. But unless he accepts the veteran minimum or an exception from the Lakers, he will be elsewhere on opening night in 2021.

What is certain is that Drummond will not be able to ask for much given his performances. The pivot has disappointed, and the interest of franchises concerning it should be less. His market value is at an all-time low, and if he wants to stay with the Lakers, he will have to accept a rather limited role.

Next year, the Angelinos intend to relaunch in the quest for the title, in order to take their revenge. LeBron James made it clear with a direct threat to his opponents, proof that the King is not kidding. If Drummond isn’t around, it will be better for them.

Andre Drummond away from the Lakers, unless he accepts a weak offer? It seems very believable, especially when you see the other players in the market. For the pivot, we must believe that the fall continues.

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