The ex-sporting director of Naples tells about his failed transfer to OM

On the antenna of RMC, the former sporting director of Napoli Luciano Moggi returned this Wednesday to the episode of the failed transfer to OM of Diego Maradona, who died at the age of 60 of a heart attack.

It is one of the tasty little stories in the life of Diego Maradona. In 1989, the Olympique de Marseille of Bernard Tapie had tried to recruit the Argentine genius, who died this Wednesday at the age of 60 of a heart attack. But Luciano Moggi, Napoli’s sporting director at the time, gave his point of view on the missed transfer on RMC’s antenna.

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“Naples had decided not to transfer Maradona. Bernard Tapie knew very well that this would not happen. He used it to do some publicity and to serve his interests. Maradona always wanted to stay in Naples. had offers from Tapie, obviously, but at no time did he ask to leave Napoli, « said the former Italian manager, very marked by the death of the Argentine football legend.

Maradona had told about this failed transfer

A month ago, in a long interview given to France Football, Maradona spoke about this false start in Marseille.

« The leaders of Marseille contacted me and offered to double my salary. I was then working in Naples and President (Corrado) Ferlaino had told me that, if we won the European Cup (the Coupe de UEFA won against Stuttgart, editor’s note), he would let me go. Bernard Tapie and Michel Hidalgo (then OM’s sports manager) even came to see me as far as Italy to make me a proposal and so that we could discuss all together, « he confided, before explaining why the operation had finally collapsed.

“Once I got back to Naples, I said to Ferlaino: ‘Thank you president for all these beautiful years, I am going.’ At that point he started playing the fool, like s ‘he did not understand, and he backtracked. End of story, « he assured. Two years ago, Maradona was again associated with OM. The Marseille club had unveiled its new jerseys made by Puma via a clip in which appeared… Maradona.

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