the European scenario which complicates the plans for the Champions League

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If the race for the title, although officially still open, has almost already been won by Manchester City, the battle for places of honor, but above all for qualifying for the Champions League, is raging. From 8th, Everton, to 3rd, West Ham, everything is still playable 5 days from the end. Each day will be worthwhile, but you will have to pay attention to an external factor. Indeed, the 4th in the standings at the end of this crazy Premier League season could not be qualified for the next Champions League.

We explain ourselves. According to UEFA regulations, the maximum number of clubs from the same country that can participate in the main competition is 5. However, it should be remembered that the outgoing winner is automatically qualified for the next edition, just like the winner of the Europa League wins a ticket to the Champions League the following season. And in these two events, four English clubs are still in the race. Manchester City and Chelsea in the Champions League, Manchester United and Arsenal in the Europa League. Let’s set aside the two Manchesters, who will validate a priori their ticket for the C1 via the championship in any case.

Chelsea are struggling for a place in the top 4, and Arsenal are largely out of it. If these two clubs win the Champions League and the Europa League respectively and are not in the top 4 of the Premier League, then only the first 3 places in the championship would qualify. Which makes the battle even more intense, and which puts even more pressure on teams like Leicester, Liverpool or Tottenham.

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