the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF)

Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF)

Like Egypt, Ethiopia is one of the pioneer countries of African football. Without lasting, his soccer impacted the beginnings of the round ball of his continent. A percussion which is the prerogative of an Ethiopian Football Federation which has managed to impose as best it can, the king sport among the unmistakable athletics disciplines that are the long-distance races.

The Ethiopian Football Federation, creation and affiliation

In English Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF), the Ethiopian Football Federation was born in 1943. It will affiliate to FIFA in 1952 before joining CAF in 1957 as a founding member.

The Ethiopian Football Federation and its Presidents

The first leader of the Ethiopian Football Federation is former CAF president Ydnekatchew Tessema. He will remain in this place for 23 years, between 1943 and 1976. Thanks to him, Ethiopian football will experience a meteoric rise marked by a continental title in 1962, at home.

Apart from Tessema, the Ethiopian Football Federation will be led by Dr. Ashebir Woldegiorgis, Sahilu Gebrewold, Juneidi Basha and Esayas Jira, the current president of the EFF. The 47-year-old has been in office since June 2018.

The Ethiopian Football Federation and its competitions

The competitions organized by the Ethiopian Football Federation are the Ethiopian Cup and Super Cup, the Ethiopian Premier League, the Ethiopian Higher League (D2), the Ethiopian First League (D3) and the Ethiopian Women’s Premier League for women’s football.

Ethiopian Football Federation at CAN

Qualified for the next CAN, Ethiopia will play its 11th African Cup of Nations. A total in which it has only one success in 1962. The Ethiopian Football Federation has seen three CAN organize on its territory. Ethiopia is among the countries that have hosted the African Cup of Nations the most with Egypt (5 times) and Ghana (4 times). This was in 1962, 1965 and 1976, all under Tessema’s tenure.

The Ethiopian Football Federation and Saint George SA

In each country, there is a club that works on the others. In Ethiopia, it is the Saint-George SA. Founded in 1936, led by the Ethiopian Ato Abinet Gebremeskel, 29 times champion, 9 times winner of the Ethiopian Cup and 14 times of the Super Cup, the former team of Tessema the footballer, hovers over the domestic football environment from his country.

Without succeeding in shining on the continental level, the Aradas have made a name for themselves in Africa. Particularly in the national team where the best Patriots are systematically summoned. The proof that we trust this professionalism which has long been maintained by foreign coaches. We can cite among others: the German Michael Kruger, the Dutch Martin Koopman, the Brazilian Neider dos Santos, the Portuguese Carlos Manuel Vaz Pinto, the Italian Danilo Pileggi and the Serbian Srdan Zivojhov, currently on the sidelines.

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