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Before CAN 2012, Equatorial Guinea hardly existed in African football. She had to organize the queen of African competitions for her to move into another dimension. Now the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation represents a football that counts in Africa.

The Equatorial Guinean Football Federation, creation and affiliation

Founded in 1960, the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation, Federación Ecuatoguineana de Fútbol in Spanish, the official language of Equatorial Guinea, is the rising association of football in Central Africa. Responsible for governing the king of sport in her country, she joined FIFA and CAF the same year. Namely in 1986.

The Equatorial Guinean Football Federation and its presidency

The current president of the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation is called Venancio Tomas Ndong. In a fierce fight, « Macho zu » (for close friends), president of the Real Madrid fan club in Equatorial Guinea, will beat Gustavo Ndong Edu to settle on the throne of Equatorial Guinean football.

Obtaining 16 votes against 15, the former administrative and sports director of the famous Cano Sport Academy football school in Malabo, emerged victorious in this election of May 15, 2021 which put him at grips with an outgoing leader, dropped by his collaborators and accused embezzlement of public funds and Covid, allocated by FIFA and CAF for the teams of the championship.

At the end of his election, Venancio Tomas Ngond Micha will notably declare to the microphones of Sportnewsafrica journalists:

“From now on, we will play football again. Despite all the problems our football has been facing for over two years. (…) There has been too much embezzlement. And our first task will be to solve this problem, to restore confidence in the teams. I also hope to be able to restart the championship suspended since 2019. For 6 months, the teams have been training without playing. I hope to restart the competitions in two weeks. To catch up, we will try to play a one-round championship ”

The competitions organized by the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation

The competitions organized by the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation are the national championship, the cup and the super cup. The dominant club in the domestic scene is CD Elá Nguema. Les Merengues have won the title 16 times, the Cup 7 times and the Supercup 2.

Apart from CD Elá Nguema, other teams are trying to stand out locally. We can mention among others Akonangui Football Club, Renacimiento FC, Atlético Malabo or even Deportivo Mongomo. These 4 teams were respectively quintuple, quadruple and triple champions of Equatorial Guinea.

The Equatorial Guinean Football Federation and its selection

The first time that the Equatorial Guinean Football Federation saw its selection A participate in a major competition was in 2012. Equatorial Guinea then co-organized the CAN with Gabon and came out in the quarterfinals against the Côte d ‘Ivoire by Didier Drogba and Yaya Touré (3-0), after having notably beaten Libya 1-0 and Senegal 2-1 in the first round.

However, this is only a postponement. Eliminated, Equatorial Guinea will come back stronger in 2015. Morocco withdrew and it is she who will take over the organization of the CAN. Participating for the second time in a row as an organizer, the Guinean Football Federation will see its nation reach the finish fourth in the competition, beaten in the classification match by the DR Congo (0-0, 4-2 in the tabs) . After two draws against Congo Brazzaville (1-1), Burkina Faso (0-0) and a victory over Gabon 2-0, Nzalang National will eliminate Tunisia in the quarter thanks to a controversial arbitration and will be released by the Ghana in the semi-finals. Final score 3-0.

To return to CAN, Equatorial Guinea will wait 6 years. At the Cameroonian neighbor, the teammates of Pedro Obiang and Emiliano Nsue will qualify for the first time on the pitch. A feat for a national team which so far has never been out in the first round of an African Cup.

The Equatorial Guinean Football Federation and Javier Balboa

Africa is a continent full of talent. Even in Equatorial Guinea, you can find Real Madrid players. Yes Javier Balboa is this Equatorial Guinean who donned the jersey of the biggest club in the world. From team C to team A, the native of Madrid will climb the ranks until becoming champion of Spain in 2008. Even if at the Casa Blanca he will only play 15 matches and 2 goals, he will remain for the fans of his nation one of the greatest footballers in their history, the first Equatorial Guinean scorer in a CAN.

The Equatorial Guinean Football Federation and its women’s team

Winner of the CEMAC Cup in 2006, the men of Equatorial Guinea are not ready to win a continental title immediately. Barring a huge surprise, she will wait a long time to reach the level of the women’s team.

Double African champion, the Equatorial Guineans are among the best in their category. Present in Germany in 2011 for the World Cup, they even lend men their coach, the Argentinian Esteban Becker, so that they triumph. Which will be at the origin of this historic place of La Roja in the last square of the CAN.

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