The entire NFL Seasons only on beIN SPORTS until 2023!

Broadcaster of the American National Football League since 2012, beIN SPORTS will broadcast all of the next 3 seasons!

beIN SPORTS is therefore the only channel to offer the entire championship on its channels to fans of American football, who will be able to enjoy the best of the NFL throughout the season.

From the kick-off of the season, live each week of the championship 3 live matches, accompanied each Sunday by the RED ZONE multiplex to experience all the matches live.

At the end of the season, find the conference finals and the traditional SUPER BOWL which this season will take place in Tampa on February 7, 2021. Who will succeed the Kansas City Chiefs?

The editorial teams will share with fans all the latest news on and on social media in the NFLextra and beINSIDE USA programs. Finally, also enjoy the best of the NFL in all of the channel’s multisport broadcasts, beIN Center and VIP Lounge.

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