the enigma Yacine Adli ignites Italy

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Yacine Adli has taken off. Trained at Paris Saint-Germain, the club where he made his professional debut, the midfielder then defended the colors of the Girondins de Bordeaux. Despite his good will, he failed to save the Gironde team, relegated to Ligue 2 after a disastrous 2021-22 season. His last in France since the 22-year-old signed with AC Milan in the summer of 2021 for 10 million euros. Loaned for a season to the club with the scapular, Adli knew that he would join Lombardy then to take up a new challenge. And what a challenge since he went to the Italian champions.

A promising summer preparation

Nothing to scare him, he who sent a strong message as soon as he set foot in Milan. “I arrived at a completely different club with a group of fantastic players. Now I have to get used to it and be ready to help the coach and the team and earn a place in the first team. » So he got to work. And despite the strong competition, he was particularly to his advantage during the summer preparation. Technically gifted, he delighted everyone by being creative, dynamic and valuable in midfield. All while already showing character and personality while being decisive.

Something to please his trainer Stefano Pioli, who was complimentary about him this summer. “He is a very interesting player. He is very good technically, he is able to make himself available and bring verticality. We still have to find in which position we can make the most of it. This period will allow us to know each other better and to know in which position he can be better on the field. He is very intelligent. » We thought then that the French, courted by Djamel Belmadi and the Algerian selection, had everything to win in Milan. But the euphoria of the first moments quickly subsided

He has not played since September 18

Substitute, he had very little playing time since the official start of the season. Entered 30 minutes against Bologna on August 27, he then played 18 minutes against Sassuolo (August 30) then 9 minutes against Naples (September 9). Since then, nothing. The former Titi is subscribed to the bench. A situation that challenges and even worries the Italian press, charmed by the man she nicknamed « Dali » this summer. The Gazzetta dello Sport wonder this friday « when does Adli play? ». Indeed, the pink paper publication believes that it bears the brunt of strong competition.

“You could say that Adli is also unlucky. After De Ketealere, he is now barred by Diaz (…) Brahim Diaz plays in his place and scores against Juve. And with the injury of the Belgian, it will again be up to the Spaniard who will play against Verona. And French ? Still on the bench, off the Champions League list and with just 57 minutes played in the league, for a total of three game segments. Yacine Adli, in good shape during the friendlies during the summer, is still looking for her place. De Ketelaere’s injury could have opened a window for him as a starter, but Diaz’s exploit against the Bianconeri closed the door for him..

A smooth adaptation

On his side, Tuttosport also wonders about a player who had inflamed the fans in pre-season by showing his qualities and his personality. The transalpine media believes that Pioli has not yet managed to find a place for him and that the player still has to get used to the rhythm while ensuring that with work and desire he will manage to impose himself on the coming. This is also the opinion of Stefano Pioli, questioned about him recently. “Soon it will be ready”, he blurted out. In the meantime, he must take his troubles patiently, he who is third in the hierarchy of midfielders with a more attacking profile behind Charles De Ketealere and Brahim Diaz.

The Gazzetta dello Sport thinks that is not about to change for the moment, but she remains optimistic about Yacine Adli. “Before seeing the Frenchman become No. 1, we will have to wait. During this time, he trains, studies Italian and learns the precepts of « piolism » with the lights off. Tonali, Leão and Kalulu, to name a few, took more than a year to win in Milan. It may be the same for Adli”. Learning this season at AC Milan, the midfielder intends to spread his wings and find a place with the Rossoneri.

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