The Endurance Cup by Funyo stops in the Gers with 23 entries

The second half of the season opens for the 23 Endurance CUP by Funyo riders taking part in the 2 hours of Nogaro as part of the Endurance Tourism Trophy.

The Belt Racing crew Ethan Bernard and Sacha Hebrard arrive as championship leaders. The Robin brothers, Jean Christophe and Nicolas (Dafa Racing) will be on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to close the gap in the championship.

And if the surprise came from the HMC Racing team with the duos Guillaume Yaounc and Benoit Stekr-Ridel or Sébastien Viale and Eric Mary who is chasing after a first victory? Just like Olivier Bec and Hugo Fleury (Uber Modern) whose top speed is well established.

It’s the return of Nicolas Sturm and Cédric Gardin (HMC Racing) who will have to be watched closely after their demonstrations at the Magny Cours meeting.

Let’s not forget the family crew of Tony and Raphaël Ramirez (T2R Compétition) as well as David Braunstein and Fabien Bornancin (Kairos Racing) who intend to act as luxury referees for the places of honor.

Change on the side of the Belt Racing team with Maximilien Menu associated with the very fast Julien Devaux.

Among the gentlemen, the fight will rage between the Spirit of 1978 crew of Frank Lefèvre and Rémy Brouard and Xavier Cousin at the wheel of his Funyo N°206.

Among the hopefuls, everything is still permitted for the Belt Racing drivers, Maximilien Menu and the Sacha Hebrard/Ethan Bernard duo. Who will be the big winner?

The Paul Armagnac circuit is a fantastic playground for Romain Angebeau’s prototypes where the races are always lively. Uncertain weather for this weekend where sun and rain will mingle.

Funyo Racing, the best Price, Pleasure and Performance ratio in French motorsport.

According to the press release

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