The electric Porsche Mission R concept in video (Munich 2021)

Porsche presents the Mission R concept, an electric racing car that foreshadows the machines with which the brand’s customers could race in a few years.

On the Porsche stand at the Munich Auto Show 2021, the star is called Mission R. It is a 100% electric concept car that foreshadows what a Zero-emission racing Porsche a few years from now. A vehicle designed as a car intended for a one-design championship.

The Mission R is powered by two electric motors, one delivering 653hp to the rear wheels, the other 435hp to the front axle. In « Qualification » mode, the car hasa combined power of 1,088 hp allowing it to be as powerful as a 911 GT3 Cup. The latter being half as powerful, this parallel underlines the overweight due to the battery.

The latter, with a capacity of 80 kWh, has a voltage of 900 V and can withstand a charging power of 340 kW. It benefits from a unique oil cooling system. In « Race » mode, the engines deliver 680 hp. According to Porsche, a pit stop of about 15 minutes can go from 5% to 80% charge. It’s fast compared to current electric cars given the battery capacity, less so in terms of the spectacle offered in racing.

The size of a bodybuilt 718

The Porsche Mission R has a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, including « exoskeleton » roof is an integral part and serves as a hoop. The bodywork and the few interior trims are made of a composite material based on flax fibre. Designed on the basis of driving simulators, the cabin welcomes the driver at its centre. This can activate a DRS (drag reduction on command) acting on two trios of fins at the front and one of the two sides of the rear wing.

Corridor noise

The largely perforated front bumper, the front bonnet extractor, the rear side air intakes, the colossal spoiler and the diffuser give the concept a look that is all the more spectacular in that the coupé displays compact proportions. Porsche specifies that, with 4.33 m long, 1.99 m wide and 1.19 m high, the Mission R is shorter, wider and lower than a 718 Cayman. This comparison is perhaps not insignificant, insistent noises from corridors indicating that Porsche is considering replacing the current 718 with an electric model. The Mission E concept of 2015 became a reality with the Taycan in 2019. It could therefore be that the Mission R does not remain at the stage of pure concept.

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Published on 09/07/2021 Updated 09/07/2021

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