The driver of this Ferrari did not appreciate the width of this alley in Italy

Italian cities are famous for their narrow and steep streets. And for that, you always have to be vigilant when driving there, especially with a Ferrari…

To see the traces on the walls on each side of this alley, this motorist is not the first to be had. But between scraping the bodywork of a van and that of a Ferrarithere is quite a difference.

The driver we see in this video unfortunately had to realize this because as it went, it seems impossible for him to escape it.

Indeed, the Italian car is already well advanced in this small passage but it still has several meters to go. However, the free space on each side of the car is already more than minimal. So don’t expect much in this situation…

Ferrari getting stuck in the narrow alleyways of Italy from IdiotsInCars


We had already seen a few months ago, the French international Jordan Veretout and his companion in a situation of this kind.

And as for this Ferrarithings obviously ended with scratches all over the bodywork.

It always hurts the heart to see this but it’s hard to imagine how much the driver of this racing car must blame himself for having ventured into such a trap…

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