The driver of a Porsche caught at 181 km / h on the straight line of the old circuit of Gueux, near Reims

Another one who wanted to play the Fangio on the straight line of the former Gueux racing circuit… During a check organized on the afternoon of Tuesday January 11 by the local gendarmerie brigade, the driver of a Porsche 911 Carrera got caught at 181 km/h, instead of the regulation 80. It is the gendarmerie of the Marne which reveals the information this Friday on its Facebook page.

The motorist was coming from the RN31 and was heading towards Gueux when his car panicked the binoculars of the constabulary. He will have to do without it for a while: in the case of a speeding violation of more than 40 km/h, his license was immediately withdrawn, with a five-month administrative suspension ordered by the prefect.

Six points less

The driver will lose six points on his license, expose himself to a judicial suspension which can last three years and a maximum fine of 1500 euros (300 euros as far as he is concerned). As for the Porsche, it has been impounded and it is the judge who will decide whether or not to return it.

Last rejoicing: the obligation to carry out at its expense (250 euros) an awareness course on traffic violations.

Many motorists drive far too fast on the road of the old Gueux circuit, hence these speed checks regularly organized by the local brigade. “It is all the more dangerous as there are often people who stop at the level of the stands, who cross on foot or who cut the road when leaving”, underlines the gendarmerie of the Marne.

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