The driver does not return the Ferrari to his client and abandons him in the street, condemned « broken arms »


The facts date back to last March. On the night of the 7th to the 8th, François, a young 26-year-old Uber driver, was called for a race in Èze.

The portal opens. The client, a Danish man in his forties, invites him into his sumptuous villa and even offers him a drink…

Thus begins the incredible story of the theft of a Ferrari California T at 160,000 euros!

« A Kid’s Dream »

This Monday, before the Nice Criminal Court, François and three other defendants were to answer for it. A « team of broken arms » who, in the end, received a 6-month suspended sentence of 8 months in prison, arranged in house arrest under an electronic bracelet.

The victim was neither present nor represented at the hearing. The court was therefore unable to hear his version of the facts.

It is thus the defendants who deliver the story of this unusual case which will have mobilized significant resources: exploitation of video surveillance cameras, GPS tracker of the vehicle, fingerprint readings and DNA analyzes … The gendarmes had put the package to identify the perpetrators of this Ferrari theft.

Far from a structured criminal network, it’s about a bunch of friends who wanted « fulfill a childhood dream » that they fell.

This is the explanation given by François to explain his gesture. The Uber driver says that, that evening, his wealthy client wanted him to drive him to a hostess bar in Nice. The race could have ended there, except that the Dane, after flaunting his luxury to Èze, offers him to let the meter run, and to come and have a second drink with him.

The victim would even have spontaneously given him the keys to the Ferrari and the beep from the gate so that he could bring him back his beautiful car for the return. The driver complies and calls on three friends. But does not return to Nice.

The car found in Cagnes-sur-Mer

He takes the motorway to the west, even pays the toll with his credit card, and does laps at the wheel of the racing car in Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Cagnes-sur-Mer… It is in this town that the Ferrari will be found the next day, abandoned on the public highway.

From a judicial point of view, it does not matter if the keys were given to him by the customer or if the Uber driver stole them from him, the theft is nevertheless constituted when the vehicle has not been returned to its owner. The court therefore enters the process of sentencing, but shows leniency since none of the defendants is issued with a warrant of committal.


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