the dream Porsche 911?

To draw only one car from the past of the Porsche is like having to choose between the best pleasures of life and keep only one: mission impossible! Some will tell you about the 959, others about the Carrera GT, and a good fringe of « Porschists » will not hesitate to sign for a 964, a Carrera 2.7 RS, or even a 993. But most will claim that the 930 does one of those cars that are hard to forget. It was indeed the first generation to have adopted the turbo, in the mid-1970s. And as a link to the past, the Californian tuner Singer, known for his « neo-retro » creations on the 911, also set about producing its first Porsche Turbo: here is the Stinger Turbo Study.

For the discerning collector

Singer never communicates the prices of its cars, since they are designed on customer request, with a wide choice of customization possibilities, especially interior. We will therefore not go too far on the price of this novelty, of which 70 firm orders have already been recorded, but be aware that it generally takes several hundred thousand euros to acquire a 911 « Singer ».

What explains such a price is the monstrous work behind these achievements. Porsche again started from a fully restored 964 base (rotisserie style), but this time, Singer yielded to the call of the people: faced with numerous customer requests, the preparer and manufacturer finally decided to release a turbo cupboards. The block six-cylinder flat of the « Mezger » line has been reworked to reach the 3.8 liters of displacement. The power, it starts at around 450 hp, but customers can demand more: everything is possible, or almost, at Singer. Obviously, this marvel of engine has not remained completely anchored in the past: the cooling of the turbo is done by a water / air exchanger, and several electronic components are there to ensure the good management of the temperature, the injection and ignition.

The bodywork is entirely made of carbon. Lightness and rigidity are the watchwords of this Turbo Study: if the style recalls the past, the behavior and the performances must be closer to our time, and the behavior of an unfailing rigor. Only offered in a six-speed manual gearbox, this Turbo Study will leave the customer the choice between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. These happy customers.

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