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  • Kamala Harris’ Hundred Days: A Vice President on All Fronts

    Far from being reduced to a symbolic function, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is on all fronts to implement the Biden administration’s domestic and foreign policy agenda.

  • Emmanuel Macron holds his place in the club of obscurantist leaders

    “I never believed in zero Covid. You have to live with the virus with appropriate braking measures ”. Emmanuel Macron, April 26, 2021.

  • Trump, again

    It is a speech filled with lies and bitterness, and with a vengeful tone that Trump delivered at the closing of CPAC 2021 in Orlando, in front of an audience all in favor. Leaving the doubt on his candidacy in 2024, he especially displayed his wish to keep control of the Republican Party, if necessary by threat.

  • If Donald Trump and Joe Biden had been Bolivians …

    … or how two presidential elections with the result disputed by one of the candidates, one in Bolivia last year and the other in the United States this month, received radically different treatment by the Organization of American States and almost all of the Western media.

  • Howie Hawkins will he be the next president of the United States?

    In 2016, I wrote a blog post: « Will Jill Stein be the next President of the United States? » I denounced the oblivion of the ecological candidates in the American presidential election. In 2020, it has not improved. It is even arguably worse, because the Biden-Trump duel has overshadowed everything else. However, the stakes are still there.

  • The bourgeois evasion of other US presidential candidates

    Do you know that there are not two candidates but six, including an environmentalist Howie Hawkins, inspirer of the Green New Deal? The press, which monopolizes the geriatric fist fight of an easy and conservative white right, evades democracy by focusing on two caricatures and hiding the existence of a more democratic, progressive and climate-conscious alternative. Including in France.

  • International Criminal Court: US presses prosecutor

    In the midst of the presidential campaign, the US administration decided to turn words into action by pronouncing on September 2 economic sanctions against officials of the International Criminal Court. These measures intend to protest against the opening of investigations into American soldiers sent to Afghanistan. By Charlotte Collin on September 25, 2020

  • Julian Assange, another Francisco Ferrer

    The trial of Assange is a judicial ambush as was that of Francisco Ferrer. It is a scam, an insult to intelligence. He calls on the hijacking of institutions by temporary representatives who solicit the vote of the electorate. They act to the detriment of public confidence in the democratic forms of the organization of public powers.

  • New banking scandal: complicity and concealment of dirty money, in particular

    Despite their declarations of intent, many banks put up with questionable money. The FinCEN Files have identified at least $ 2 trillion in suspicious transactions, of which $ 514 billion relates to JPMorgan bank, and $ 1.3 trillion to Deutsche Bank. A drop in an ocean of opaque transactions.

  • Turkish lawyer Ebru Timtik dies in prison after a hunger strike.

    Ebru Timtik, sentenced to more than 13 years in prison, was on a hunger strike to demand a fair trial. She had declared to go to the end « even if it were to involve their death ». « In Turkey, lawyers are killed in prison » said Me Martin Pradel; but institutional violence, which forms a system beyond Turkey, escapes a critical analysis which is imposed on the media.

  • Nativism, racism and sexism: Trump seeks to delegitimize the election

    On July 30, Donald Trump raised the possibility of postponing the US presidential election. If the destabilizing potential of the Trumpian strategy is for the moment limited, the president is betting on a violent campaign to mobilize his voters and, in the event of defeat, to limit as much as possible the ability of his successor to reform the American state. seeking to make his election and electoral mandate illegitimate, and preparing conservative (physical) resistance to his policies.

  • TOGO – Solidarity: Cuba sends doctors, France bans newspapers!

    With 77 confirmed cases, including 44 active for 29 recoveries, three deaths, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to progress in Togo, at a rate slower for the moment than that of developed countries. In this context, Cuba decided to respond favorably to the request of the Togolese authorities and sent doctors from the “18th Henry Reeve Medical Brigade” to Togo to fight against the pandemic.

  • Didier Raoult: a climate skeptic in the face of Covid-19

    For weeks now, Dr Raoult has aroused passions about Covid-19 and its recommendations regarding hydroxychloroquine. Will the effects of this product be more positive than negative? In mid-April, studies do not allow to find out. On the other hand, Dr Raoult’s positions on global warming show that he cannot be qualified as a “great scientist”.

  • Donald Trump in the porcelain bazaar

    The execution of General Ghassem Soleimani adds to the incredible series of strategic mistakes that the United States has made in the Middle East since the 1970s, and which plunged them, and us with, into the nightmare of the 11th. -September, the intervention in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the armed overthrow of Gaddafi.

  • Macron is at war. Against our brains

    About a bias of Mathieu Magnaudeix.

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