The disaster continues for Jazz without the presence of Rudy Gobert!

Still absent due to covid, Rudy Gobert is sorely missed by his team. We could still verify this Wednesday, during the rout against Cleveland, all at home. No doubt, fans are hoping the pivot will come back very soon.

Still very good on this campaign, well placed in the ranking for the MVP, Rudy Gobert remains vital for his team. His simple presence brings real defensive strength, and the pivot always knows how to punish in the opponent’s racket when necessary. So inevitably, his absence was a real blow to his family.

We can verify that after 5 small games in Utah. The franchise finds itself in big trouble, although no one is really surprised by this news. At home this Wednesday evening, Quin Snyder’s men cracked against the Cavaliers, with a final score of 111-91.

Jazz continues to flow in the West

That’s no joy for Donovan Mitchell’s pals, who clearly need to wake up. Can they do it without Rudy? The answer is no for now, and StatMuse is driving the point home with new statistics: Gobert’s return is desired.

Jazz this season: 27-10 with Rudy Gobert / 1-4 without Rudy Gobert. They are ranked 30th in defensive rating during these 5 matches without Gobert.

Jazz is quite simply the worst defense in the league without Rudy Gobert, something to worry fans about. If some had doubts, it is clear that the French change the game when he is around, even if we are entitled to expect better from a contender for the title:

Without Rudy Gobert, we suspected that Utah was going to be in trouble, but maybe not at this point. A wake-up call is expected in Salt Lake City, French presence or not. This will not improve the confidence of the supporters for the next playoffs.

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