the development of Deschamps on the Pogba file

The coach of the France team Didier Deschamps evokes the case of Paul Pogba, injured and uncertain for the World Cup, while mixing at the same time in a legal case against his brother. In his words, the Turin midfielder will not be at the World Cup if he is not fully recovered.

Didier Deschamps will not make any gift to Paul Pogba. Recently operated on his right knee, the period of absence of the Juventus midfielder is estimated until the beginning of November, a few days before the start of the World Cup. His coach says this Thursday that he will not be selected if he is not « physically fit ».

« It is impossible today to affirm anything (except) through the intervention and the treatment protocol he has, announces Deschamps at a press conference. There is a delay with a range which is more or less short or long if there is no problem. I know Paul very well, with whom I exchange regularly. He will do everything to come back as quickly as possible, without taking any risks either. But today, no one, even him, can affirm or not (his presence).

« He’s not a GO, he’s not there to amuse the gallery »

« Before going into the second criterion, which may be athletic condition and playing time, that he can be cured, he hopes. Since I’ve been here, I’ve never taken a player who doesn’t wasn’t completely recovered. He has enough respect for himself too. He’s not a GO, he’s not here to amuse the gallery. He’s here, he’s recovered, already that would be a very good thing , in a question mark physical condition. I don’t have the answers today because I will not leave, as I have never left, by the accumulated experience, with a player, whoever he is , who is not physically fit to be present ».

Didier Deschamps insists Paul Pogba won’t travel to Qatar if he’s running out of pace. « He will not come if he is not fit, he repeats. In June, he could have come but if it is to come to come, he does not want that either. Even if he wanted it, it’s me who would say no. It’s inconceivable. The number of players who will be there are all ready to play. There will be disparities on the athletic level. (…) Paul is not going to come there because he’s part of the executives, to be a leader and just be there. He doesn’t want that. It doesn’t make sense. We’re in the competition, there are competitors and those who are selected will be able to meet these requirements ».

“He is someone who is solid, who has character and he is focused on the field”

The coach of the Blues was also questioned about the affair which is currently shaking the Pogba family: « I am never worried, I am of a calm, serene nature, in all circumstances, he tempers. I exchanged regularly with Paul. Do not ask me to intervene in the stories that may have been created. It is factual today. (…) Justice is doing its job. Despite everything, he is someone who is solid, who has character and he is focused on the field, which will lead him to return to the field to give himself the means to recover ». The countdown begins.

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