The Delta Center soon to return to Salt Lake City!

EnergySolutions Arena then Vivint Arena. Since 2006, the Utah Jazz hall was no longer called the Delta Center, its original name, which was displayed on the building from 1991 to 2006. But this name will return since the club announces that the Vivint Arena is once again the Delta Center from July 1, 2023!

A return to basics made possible by a new naming agreement with Delta Airlines, the airline betting heavily on Salt Lake City, and which inevitably recalls the great years of the Stockon-Malone duo.

« I have so many amazing memories of the Delta Center as a kid, and I know so many people in Utah and beyond have gone through the same thing and created lasting memories there, whether be it the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, NBA Finals, concerts or other amazing events”explained Ryan Smith, the owner of the Jazz. “We are thrilled to partner with Ed Bastian (CEO of Delta Airlines) and the entire Delta team to not only restore the room to its original name, but also to build on the great work done by Delta to provide incredible experiences for the people of our state and show the world what a great place Utah is. »

Last month, Delta Airlines renewed its partnership with the city of Salt Lake City, until 2044, the city remaining a nerve center for the airline based in Atlanta.

From next season, Jazz fans will in any case be able to use the historic name of their hall again!

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