The declaration of Carmelo Anthony which leaves very pensive

As the Lakers approach the home stretch of a very sluggish season, the sweet hope that everything will fall into place remains in people’s minds. Before the defeat against the Clippers on the night of Friday to Saturday, Carmelo Anthony thus split a declaration… which quickly aged badly.

Barring a miracle, the Lakers should go to the play-in tournament to access the playoffs, this same tournament whose LeBron James thought two years ago that « whoever created this shit should be fired ». Cruel irony, this is now the last chance for a Los Angeles team which has alternated between the good sometimes, and the bad too often during this 2021-2022 campaign.

Carmelo Anthony wants to reassure fans with a cautious statement

Despite this sad season, the purple and gold locker room still wants to believe in its lucky star. Asked before the match against the Clippers, Carmelo Anthony thus advanced an argument according to which this roster would be built more for the second half of the season than for the first. And the ex-Knick seems sure of himself:

The second half of the season? We are built for. We are built for that, and for the playoffs. Afterwards there are things that we don’t control, like injuries. That, we can’t do anything about it, I think that this end of the season that is coming up, we are made for it. We have to change our approach and our mentality for these last matches.

Convinced, Lakers fans? Not really. A team so low in the standings at this time of the season (9th, editor’s note) has never had a blast in the playoffs, and Frank Vogel’s men simply seem to have too many shortcomings to come and tickle the big names, even being healthy and all finding a cruising speed.

Melo, he had a difficult evening a few hours after his press briefing. The shooter indeed had the winning shot in his hands to bring down the Clippers, but he totally missed and allowed the rivals to walk away with the victory:

Carmelo Anthony wants to believe in a rise in power for his Lakers, believing that the team is built more for the end of the season than for the start. Words won’t be enough: purple and gold fans want deeds to prove it.

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