The decision of the Warriors which may annoy Steph Curry!

While Steph Curry dreams of winning a new title with the Warriors, his franchise doesn’t seem desperate to do the same. The latest front office decision will be debated among fans.

Without the playoffs last season, the Warriors hope to change the game for this new campaign. This is the wish of Steph Curry, who wants to win a ring at all costs. The Dubs were therefore able to sign some new players during the offseason, including a move that particularly appeals to the star.

To all this, we must add the return of Klay Thompson, who will bring a lot on both sides of the floor, although there are still doubts about him. Indeed, and even if he will be present, he will have to be patient to return to his best level. Golden State must therefore be smart for its star, and also bet on other players, such as Andrew Wiggins and the two new rookies: Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody.

However, there is still room for the Warriors to strengthen by the start of the new season. The franchise has not used its strengths, like the midlevel exception for example. An offer of $ 6 million, with which the Celtics recruited Dennis Schroder. It is therefore possible to hit the market hard with it.

But in the case of Dubs, it’s not that simple. With an already impressive payroll, using this MLE will inflate the bill by $ 25 million. We can therefore ask ourselves: is the front office ready to do anything to win the title? Obviously the answer is no, and it is signed by Bob Myers.

I don’t think we’re going to use it. We tried, with players who could make a difference. But it’s not very smart, and I’ll be ready to protect Joe (Lacob, the owner, editor’s note) if he wants to use it on anyone. It’s going to cost $ 25 million, and while I know many don’t care, it does for us.

The Dubs therefore do not wish to explode the bill in order to improve the roster. Curry should understand, even if this is bad news for recruiting. We will probably have to go through veterans for the future.

For the Warriors, there will be no use of the MLE, which could have made it possible to recruit an interesting player for next season. The title, yes, but not at any cost on the California side.

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