The day Dennis Rodman punched a cameraman | NBA

rodman-camermanJanuary 15, 1997, 25 years ago to the day, Eugene Amos, cameraman by profession, is entitled to his quarter of an hour of fame. As the Bulls thrash Wolves, Dennis Rodman crashes into the crouching photographers at the edge of the pitch. Hit, Amos puts Dennis in his line of sight. Rodman wipes his sneakers on the man who, in the process, simulates fainting.

Bill Clinton gets involved…

The NBA, which has Rodman in focus for weeks, does not miss it: 11 suspension matches. As for Amos, he leaves with an amicable settlement of 150,000 euros. The case caused so much noise that Bill Clinton himself intervened and demanded a lighter sentence. The soap opera delights the sponsors of « Worm », and its escapades bring in 6.8 million ads. Nasty but paying!

Less than a month later, and while he is suspended, Rodman continues to be talked about… The best rebounder in the NBA has obtained permission from the Bulls to roam wherever he pleases. California, Las Vegas and New York form its Bermuda Triangle. He gets lost there, between television sets, gaming tables and hot nights.

“Cleveland? A lost hole! »

During his absence, the NBA did not fail to scratch him. Dennis does not appear in the list of the 50 best players of all time… However, with the 6th title of best rebounder looming, he is on the way to achieving a historic feat. Rodman was not invited to the All-Star Game.  » I don’t care, it was taking place in a backwater « . Cleveland.

His return will be an event. Chicago receives Charlotte. His father reappears by the grace of a TV channel. Philander (that’s his first name) comes to tell him that he has 27 brothers and sisters! Response from Dennis: a technical foul 89 seconds into the match. Forty-eight minutes later, he leaves 14 rebounds and above all the promise to donate the gain of his next eleven matches to charity. Spit Rodman.

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