The damning stat for Rudy Gobert in the loss to the Lakers

For his 2nd recovery match, Rudy Gobert had a complicated evening against the Lakers. Still targeted by LeBron James and his clique, the French pivot of Jazz was the subject of a humiliating figure for him in the clutch-time!

Before joining Cleveland for his 3rd All-Star Game, he can at least be satisfied to have found the rhythm. Relaunched after 9 games of absence against the Rockets on Monday, Rudy Gobert was moving with his Jazz team to the Arena in recent hours. The Lakers then awaited Quin Snyder’s men on a firm footing, eager to tackle the Break with success.

Dominating during the first quarter, with a lead of 11 points quickly obtained, the Angelinos were then disillusioned, notably falling back into their faults in defense. The loss of Anthony Davis to injury even seemed prohibitive for them… before LeBron James’ shattering awakening. In the end, it was therefore LA who left with the victory, following a remarkable finish (106-101).

Rudy Gobert still displayed by the Lakers

Without AD, Frank Vogel tried to put Dwight Howard back in the saddle, unused for 4 games. However, he decided to do without the services of a pivot in the money-time, while the outcome of the meeting was still to be decided. A paying choice despite the presence of Gobert in the racket of Utah, which gave birth to an unflattering statistic for the French!

The Lakers played with a pivotless lineup for the final 5:15 of the game against the Jazz tonight. They were 7 points behind and went 21-9 to win the game. Haven’t we seen this before?

The last sentence of StatMuse is not insignificant, since the last confrontation between Gobzilla and the Purple & Gold had indeed already given birth to a similar figure.

Just a month ago, on January 17, LeBron James had already taken the upper hand over Gobert as a pivot, allowing his franchise to obtain an already precious victory against Salt Lake City. It would therefore seem that the King and his teammates have found the parade to undermine the Stifle Tower, which emerged from this defeat with a poor -27 at plus-minus, the worst mark of his team!

Almost lonely in the paint at the end of the match against the Lakers, Rudy Gobert did not however know how to take advantage of this configuration, whether in defense or attack. The Jazz will have paid cash, with a first setback in the last 7 games!

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