The Daily Faceoff Show: What’s Up With Jordan Binnington, Carter Hart & John Gibson?

If there’s one thing that’s clear in the NHL, it’s that goalies are, well… voo-doo. They are arguably the most difficult position to value and can also be the most volatile.

But here at Daily Faceoff we’ve brought in someone who can help take out all the goalies and figure out what’s really going on.

And in Thursday’s edition of the Daily Faceoff Show, that’s exactly what former NHL goalie Mike McKenna did when he examined Jordan Binnington of the St. Louis Blues, Carter Hart of the Philadelphia Flyers. and John Gibson of the Anaheim Ducks.

About Binnington: “I think they really had to rely on Binnington – he stole three of his six wins this year, straight away. I’m watching his Tuesday game against Winnipeg when he got 39 for 41 and was fighting better – he’s back.

On Hart: “I’m ready to say he’s on the right track (to be as good as he was two years ago). Carter Hart’s game last year, whether mental, technical, that was kind of it when you have the numbers he did last year. I think coming back this season the Flyers are playing better defensively… but I think for Carter Hart the most important thing is that he has competition. Martin Jones arrived and he played really well… I think Hart is on the right track at the moment.

About Gibson: “I think Gibson is someone who, when you look at the traditional (numbers) and past experience, when the team has been good and their numbers have always been performing. The last two years, not great. You look at this year and you take the advanced action for John Gibson: he had a .927 save percentage, but when you look at the above-expected goals he is 25th in the league – that’s very. pedestrian. It’s the sight test with him. The GMs love him, they rank him very high, and so do the players because he makes those big flashy saves… but that’s not always conducive to a good goalkeeper.

You can listen to McKenna’s full thoughts on the goalie trio below.

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