The Daily Faceoff Show: what are you grateful for?

On Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Faceoff Show, Frank Seravalli and Steve Greeley were asked what they are most grateful for in the hockey world.

Greley: “Right now I’m thankful for science and hockey.

A year ago we didn’t have the NHL, we didn’t have leagues, we didn’t have youth hockey, you and I weren’t on the bench. Go back in time a year ago and we weren’t sure when the next games were going to be and now we have it on all levels across the world.

I’m thankful today that we’re back to this place, where we can have fans in the buildings, you and I can be on the bench, and we’re back to our favorite sport every day.

Seravalli: « I am grateful, on a serious note, for Kyle Beach and the courage he has shown to step up, not only to be a John Doe in a lawsuit, but to put his name on it publicly, to share his story and for help other people who have been through similar situations.

One in six men in North America is sexually assaulted and it only buries them. I think the thing for us isn’t just to listen to Kyle Beach, but we should have listened when he brought up this allegation in 2021.

The Blackhawks went out of their way to discredit him, not only when the lawsuit was filed, but in the months that followed in an attempt to bury the story. His courage and conviction have brought this important situation to light and hopefully will help him and others in the future. « 

You can watch the full episode here…

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