The Daily Faceoff Show: Were Brendan Gallagher’s comments on Tim Stutzle out of place?

On Tuesday night, the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators faced off, and even with both teams far from a playoff spot this season, there was its fair share of excitement and drama as the Senators won 6-3.

Some of that drama came after the game, when Canadiens winger Brendan Gallagher had something to say about Senators winger Tim Stutzle and the way he lays on the ice.

Frank Seravalli and Matt Larkin discuss on the Daily Faceoff Show whether the comments were right or wrong.

Matt Larkins: “I will land on the side of the fault. I think there’s a bit of theater here, Brendan Gallagher knows what he’s doing, he’s got the stage, he’s got a good bit of small talk. The model comment, I think he just took it a bit too far, he’s taking the opportunity to embarrass Tim Stutzle in the media.

I’m not saying his comments are necessarily wrong, we’ve seen a tendency to maybe fall, flop. But there’s a penalty for that, it’s called beautification, there can be a fine for that, you can let the officials sort that out, you don’t have to distribute it in your comments to the media.

And I think there’s a bit of a rock in a glass house situation here. I was looking for, and yes, Tim Stutzle, he’s 8th in the league in penalties shot per 60 minutes. Number one is Brendan Gallagher. I’m not saying Brendan Gallagher is a flopper or a diver, but I’m just saying you need to sell a few calls once in a while if you’re number one in the league for penalties drawn.

Frank Seravalli: “That’s quite the clip, quite the few clips to show here of Brendan Gallagher, who’s really no stranger to being on the ice at times during the game. I’m not saying he’s a flopper, or someone who embellishes, but he’s definitely been in that spot most of the time, it seems.

Some of that is just a product of his game. I think everyone league-wide universally appreciates Brendan Gallagher and the grind that’s part of his game, but to call another player like that, it’s not something we see that often. So I agree with your point that it’s probably a little over the top, maybe his emotion or the scene overrides him.

And also, a bit subtly too, a small part of this is a little message to the referees from Brendan Gallagher, and I think that’s what we finally saw in Pat Maroon’s comments this weekend as well. I just sent a subtle « don’t say, just say » message to NHL referees and officials.

You can watch the full video here…

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