The Daily Faceoff Show: USA Hockey may implement neck guards after Teddy Balkind’s death

A week after teenage hockey player Teddy Balkind died after a freak accident on the ice, USA Hockey is considering changing hockey equipment requirements.

Balkind, 16, died shortly after his neck was cut by a skate blade in an accidental collision.

During the Daily Faceoff Show on Thursday morning, Frank Seravalli spoke about what could happen to us.

“USA Hockey, the sport’s governing body here in the country, has gathered for its annual winter meetings in Florida, and it’s certainly a talking point and a big topic. Their Committee on Protective and Safety Equipment which meets, one of the things on the table is to make neck guards compulsory for all young players up to the age of 18. There’s just been a lot of different studies and information that the committee is gathering right now.

What equipment actually works? There are tests to be done. They don’t want to set up a situation where some players get around it and just have a piece of cloth over their neck. They found that there were pieces of gear that could be more damaging when worn, where the skate blade bounced around and could do more harm, depending on the type of gear.

They try to get to the bottom of things. This is something that is of high priority. « 

You can listen to more below.

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