The Daily Faceoff Show: Tim Peel discusses the delay of Thatcher Demko’s play call

In Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Faceoff Show, former NHL goaltender Mike McKenna and former NHL referee Tim Peel discussed a controversial delay in announcing the game that was made against Thatcher Demko of the Vancouver Canucks over the weekend.

Here is the call in question …

McKenna: “This situation with Demko the other night against Vegas, I watched it happen and thought, man, there’s no way he dropped that net on purpose. instead, I don’t think it turned out like that.

I want to know from your perspective, Peelsy, what you would see on the ice right now and what would an official think? What was Chris Schlenker thinking when he went to make that call to delay the match against Thatcher Demko?

Peel: “There isn’t really a short answer to that and I want to give a little insight into whether I was offering this game and the state of mind of an official on the ice.

From what I understand, the net came loose earlier in the game by Robin Lehner. Earlier in this period, Keegan Kolesar knocked the net down on the Vancouver side and the ice officials put the net back in place.

As a referee in a 4-4 hockey game, if Demko had dropped that net once or twice before and Chris Schlenker came over and warned Demko, and said « Hey, if that net comes loose again, I’m calling a game delay penalty. » But, from what I understand, Demko hadn’t dropped the net at all before this incident. It was the first time this had happened.

For me, it’s not a blatant blow because he feels the pressure. It is a goalkeeper who hugs the post, he does not extend his arm. I think as an official on the ice you should read this. You have to get a feel for the game and you have to understand the situation that this is a 4-4 game with 13 minutes to go.

And, watching the replay, it doesn’t look like Demko did it on purpose.

You can watch the full episode here…

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