The Daily Faceoff Show: Matthew Tkachuk was not involved in Eichel’s business talks

The Golden Knights ended up being the team to trade for Jack Eichel, but, for a few minutes, it looked like he was heading for Calgary.

On Thursday’s edition of The Daily Faceoff Show, Frank Seravalli and Scott Burnside discussed why trading for Eichel doesn’t make sense for the Flames right now, given their hot start and the fact that he’s a few months away from playing. Seravalli also denied rumors that Matthew Tkachuk was part of the Calgary-Buffalo deal.

Seravalli: “There is a lot of noise around that Matthew Tkachuk could be involved in a Calgary Flames deal for Jack Eichel. What did you think of seeing his name included in the rumor mill?

Burn side: “I have to admit, that stopped me dead. My feeling is that the truthfulness may have been lacking in this, especially with how the Flames got off to such a good start.

It just seems like the team is finally in sync. Matthew Tkachuk is such an important part of that, and, to me, it just didn’t make sense. Even though the idea of ​​a franchise center like Jack Eichel coming in tandem with Sean Monahan and whatever that might have sounded, the donation struck me as too outrageous, especially for a team, again, who, I think, finally achieves some pretty important potential things.

It has been a difficult few years in Calgary. But I think Matthew Tkachuk is a huge part of the core of this team, so to me that didn’t make sense.

Seravalli: “All of the information I have gathered suggests that Matthew Tkachuk was never involved in the conversation.

The Flames were considering a potential addition of Jack Eichel as a drop out of futures to add to the group they already have, so I think you’re right in your analysis. Yes, swapping for Jack Eichel would help, but at what cost considering you’ll have to take a really key item off your list for the next three to four months while Jack Eichel waits to regain his health.

I don’t know how this helps the Flames in the short term. Maybe in the long run, but I would also say, with all due respect to Jack Eichel as a game changer, what the Golden Knights called him this morning, Matthew Tkachuk could be the best player in the game. ‘case.

Here’s the full episode, with the Calgary conference starting at 24:00 …

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