The Daily Faceoff Show: Latest Evander Kane News

Where will Evander Kane sign?

Ever since he was cleared by unconditional waivers and his contract terminated by the San Jose Sharks, that’s the big question around the NHL.

In Wednesday’s edition of the Daily Faceoff Show, Frank Seravalli provided an update on Evander Kane’s situation, which may soon end …

Seravalli: “I don’t think there’s any doubt that this comes close to making Evander Kane’s decision. Kevin Weekes announced this morning that there are only two teams left and it could be finalized as of today.

It’s definitely a question of when and not if, but when I think about the two teams involved I think it’s pretty clear that the Edmonton Oilers are one of them and I think a lot of people believe that Evander Kane go.

I believe Connor McDavid was part of the process and reached out to Evander Kane directly to strike up a conversation about the possibility of him joining the Edmonton Oilers.

I think we’re a little less certain who the mystery team is. I have a hunch it’s the Florida Panthers, it’s not confirmed. I think the Tampa Bay Lightning has been there, I think the St. Louis Blues had a conversation.

I think the total was 16 teams that had engaged in some sort of conversation or information-gathering process with Evander Kane. That would leave exactly half the league saying ‘you know what, we’re going to drop this one’.

Admittedly an interesting scenario, but what strikes me as the difference between the Oilers and other teams that are potentially in the mix, like Florida, Tampa, St. Louis, is that Evander Kane is a luxury for the teams. which are more solid ground in the standings. For the Oilers, it feels more like a sense of hopelessness, trying to find a player that won’t cost a lot that you don’t have to give up assets to try to get this team out of the rut that they are. has been in.  »

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