The curse that has hit Staples Center recently

As you probably learned in the week, the Staples Center will soon change its name, which clearly does not delight the city of Los Angeles. This is also the case for the Clippers and the Lakers, who have been in trouble since this announcement. Explanations.

Opened in 1999 after extensive renovations, the Staples Center has housed many shows in the city of Los Angeles. Even if the Clippers play it, it is the Lakers who especially made this speaker vibrate, especially with Kobe Bryant and his multiple rings. Today, Lebron james took over with a first title, and perhaps not the last.

For the Clippers, it’s another story, since Kawhi Leonard is injured for many months. In any case, the men of Tyronn Lue will soon move, from 2024, in their new room: the Intuit Arena. Good for them, because the future change does not please everyone.

Rain of defeats for the Clippers and Lakers

Indeed, the Staples Center will no longer exist next December, the site having decided to make a huge offer to have the right to place his name on the front door. Because yes, the room will become the “ Arena”, which seems ridiculous, but which is very real. Players find it hard to digest it, and it shows.

The Lakers and Clippers are 0-4 since the Staples Center name change.

The name change? It’s complicated for LA teams For the Lakers, we’re talking about losses against the Bucks, then against the Celtics. Two complex meetings for the Angelinos, who have been disappointing for some time now, like their record (8/9). A wake-up call is expected, and quickly if possible.

On the Clippers side, it is a small drop in speed since this change. Paul George’s teammates are 9-7, but on a two-game losing streak: first against the Grizzlies, then against the Pelicans. Worrying, even if they will try to reverse the trend this Sunday night against the Mavs. Kick-off at 9:30 p.m.

This « renaming » does not appeal to everyone in Los Angeles, to the point that the Lakers and Clippers or evil. Simple coincidence or curse? In any case, fans are quickly waiting for a wake-up call from the players, and it starts this Sunday.

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