The crook player who nabbed 62 million in 17 games!

The financial rules of the NBA are such that a player can earn a salary from a team, years after leaving it. A former All-Star is well placed to know it, he who received 62 million dollars over 3 years… by playing only 17 meetings during the period!

Every good basketball player who respects himself dreams of setting foot there one day. By virtue of its aspect of the most competitive league in the world, the NBA makes all players with overflowing ambition fantasize. In addition to its high level, it also attracts some thanks to its financial attractiveness. Few of the professions like this one, which make it possible to touch millions of dollars each year!

Never afraid of offering the jackpot to the stars they consider essential to their success, franchises can however sometimes be wrong. The players to whom they offer such sums do not always meet their expectations, which puts them in a very uncomfortable situation. Once these « toxic » contracts are under control, it is difficult to get rid of them, except through a trade… or a simple expensive cut.

Gilbert Arenas’ $ 62 million robbery

So as not to immediately hit the bank too much to get rid of their heavyweights, some teams resort to a so-called “stretch” breach of contract, where the remaining salary owed to the player is then spread over several years. This can still be seen today, with names like Nicolas Batum, Blake Griffin or Kemba Walker who benefit from this assembly.

Before them, other stars have also taken advantage of this practice. After his good years spent with the Wizards, and a lease of 111 million dollars over 6 years initialed in 2008, Gilbert Arenas for example was entitled to this treatment. Traded, then cut by the Magic in 2011, it was then still to receive $ 62M from Orlando. The 17 small games that he subsequently played at the Grizzlies allowed him to pocket this sum, which he was recently very proud of on Instagram!

Between 2012 and 2014, Gilbert Arenas appeared in only 17 NBA games. He received $ 62,838,144 over this period.

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After all, why be ashamed of receiving a check that its previous leaders themselves have pledged to pay? Not sure that 17 NBA games turned out to be more lucrative in the history of the league!

Victim of a huge statistical drop following the signing of his big contract, Gilbert Arenas logically did not want to give up the money that was promised to him. Conclusion: a masterstroke at 62 million, for only 17 games played in 3 seasons!

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