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Clement Cusseau

Clement Cusseau


After studying film school, Clément Cusseau joined the editorial staff of AlloCiné in 2011. He is currently specialized in streaming content and news on SVOD platforms.

The Netflix platform unveils this Monday, February 15 « The Crew », its brand new comedy series with Kevin James taking place in the world of NASCAR motor racing.


When the owner of a Stock Car garage hands over the management of the team to his daughter, the latter finds herself at odds with the former boss. This one takes a dim view of the technological evolution that it wishes to put in place in order to modernize the garage.

The Crew with Kevin James – Available on Netflix (10 episodes)


The Crew debuts on Netflix this Monday, February 15. Although broadcast internationally on the platform, this series seems to have been designed above all for the American public. Its main performer Kevin james is mainly known across the Atlantic for his participation in many comedies by Adam Sandler; most of his films nevertheless remain unseen in France. As for the subject of the series, NASCAR races, they are above all prized by American viewers or an audience specializing in motorsports.

Backstage side, The Crew is created by Jeff Lowell, author of scripts for iconic sitcoms like Spin City, My uncle Charlie or The George Carlin Show. A true veteran of American television, the screenwriter takes again in their entirety the codes of American comedy, while transposing his intrigue of office life in a car garage (as had been able to do, all proportions kept, the cult Taxi at his time).

In addition to Kevin James, in his element as an abandoned but nonetheless benevolent father, we find at his side another face of American television, Gary Anthony Williams, known to fans of the Malcolm series for his role of Abe (the papa hen by Stevie). Finally, Dan Ahdoot (Cobra Kai), Sarah Stiles (Trillions) and Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen in the saga Harry potter) complete the cast of this family sitcom to be discovered today on Netflix.

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