The creepy photo of Kawhi Leonard, physically upset!

Absent from the courts last season, Kawhi Leonard will make a remarkable comeback for the Clippers at the start of the school year. No question of unemployment for the winger, who has obviously spent a lot of time in the gym if we trust his recent photo. Fans come to wonder if the image has not been modified, which places the madness a bit.

While the Lakers bustle in the market to improve their roster again and again, the Clippers are much calmer. Despite notable absences last season, Nicolas Batum’s teammates managed a good exercise with a record of 42-40, which is almost a miracle. Paul George has often been diminished with, in particular, an operation, while Kawhi Leonard was recovering from his knee injury.

Kawhi Leonard sparks huge debate after his photo!

We understand better why the Californian franchise is ambitious for the upcoming campaign, because with the return of the injured, Tyronn Lue’s men have the talent to cause mayhem, and potentially fight with the Angelinos. Beautiful Los Angeles derbies are being prepared behind the scenes, especially since Leonard has been busy in recent months. The Clippers shared a recent snapshot of the player, which makes you wonder if his thighs have been modified.

Yes, those are Kawhi Leonard’s thighs, which may have doubled in size since his last official appearance on the court. Guess lower body workouts are a favorite for the former Spurs player, who has taken his rehab very seriously over the past few months, and good for the Clippers. In the comments, the reactions fuse to know if the image in question is real.

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This guy never misses leg day

Visibly concerned about his thighs, Kawhi Leonard has been spending quite a bit of time in the gym over the past few months, intent on getting back in shape for the Clippers. We can say that the effect is successful, remains to know the impact on his game and on a potential relapse after a long period away from the pitch. The fans themselves, remain very mixed as to the veracity of the photo.

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