The creepy confession of a legend about Anthony Davis

Champion with the Lakers in 2020, Anthony Davis is a nightmare for his opponents. Which does not prevent him from having his own problems … A former glory of the league explained that she was systematically worried about him, for one reason in particular.

It is indisputable that intrinsically Anthony davis is one of the very best players in the league. The Lakers’ interior represents an unsolvable equation for his opponents, showing a versatility rarely seen in his post. It’s simple, the Mono-eyebrow can do it all on offense, whether it be near or mid-distance, and he is a regular contender for the title of Best Defender in the league. A true handyman!

However, he has one weak point, and not the least: his health. AD has been labeled fragile since its debut in 2013 in New Orleans, and general opinion can’t be said to have improved in nine years. On the contrary, when we hear Reggie Miller talk about the strong winger, it even seems that it gets worse with time!

Reggie Miller on Anthony Davis’ Health: “Every time Anthony Davis hits the ground, I think he’s out for a month. It scares me. « 

The worst part about it is that the Hall of Famer doesn’t even exaggerate that much with its words. Davis has only finished two of his regular campaigns with at least 70 games played, and regularly suffers small glitches putting him on the sidelines. The problem is that it cuts him off in his rhythm and forces him to have to start from scratch. Not really ideal to fully exploit its potential …

Anthony Davis’ health worries, says Reggie Miller

Last year was by far the most difficult period for the Chicago native. Hit in the Achilles heel, The Brow has long missed the Crimson and Gold, to the point of missing half of the exercise! To top it off, he also had to skip two playoff games against the Suns in the first round. Without him, the Lakers were unlucky, losing in six games. Would the outcome have been different with him in great shape? It is not foolish to believe in it.

For the coming months, the Californian leaders have therefore decided to give it reinforcement, by adding meat and muscle in the racket. Dwight Howard made his comeback after a season with the Sixers, while DeAndre Jordan was signed following his departure from Brooklyn. This will allow the n ° 3 not to have to play pivot, thus avoiding some big battles under the basket. Not a bad idea when you know your liabilities.

Anthony Davis has what it takes to become a generational player, but his physique is a real obstacle to that. Let us hope for him that his body leaves him in peace, in the months to come …

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